Pick n Pay School Club

An annual reach of over 500K learners in schools nationwide, Pick n Pay and other partner brands provide much-needed educational resources to educators and learners as part of their commitment to developing and educating tomorrow’s leaders. In turn, scores for increased brand affinity amongst youth match that commitment. Since 2011, these schools initiative has put the Pick ‘n Pay brand and its other partners into educator and learner materials distributed to 2,500 under-resourced and well-to-do schools in the form of teacher guides, posters, books and other invaluable learner material. The result: heavily increased affinity for the participating brands and a propensity to purchase. This run-away success is now the largest independently produced school materials programme in the country.

Youth Choice Study & Reports

Established in 2016, the Youth Choice Study is the leading annual youth brand preference and consumer behaviour survey, polling over 6,000 youths aged 8-22 annually. The results are released in the Choice Survey in November each year, and ‘Youth Choice’ culminates in a glittering awards event where the coolest brands and celebrities are recognised.

Junior Board of Directors

Junior Board of Directors Is a world first, consisting of three boards (Teens and young adults, each with 12 directors). This extraordinary group of sussed and savvy youth are our in-house VIP advisors; giving us opinion-leading views and insight into youth behaviour and culture. Their analysis and ideas help give our clients razor sharp competitive edges.

The School Tour

Out Bash is competition-based, and equips learners with ‘status skills’ as it builds up to a large-scale bash for S1-S6 school-learners. It provides an opportunity for brands to make their mark with the soon-to-be-active student/worker market.


Brought to Ugandan schools, reveals everything teens would love to know, particularly about puberty and how it relates to grooming, skincare and health. The programme’s presenters visit hundreds of schools, educating over 50,000 Grade 1 to 6, in three major districts annually.

DJ-Designer Showdown

Driven by mobile and social media, the DJ-Designer Showdown will build up to the hottest youth happening of the year. This new platform was born out of the fact that the primary forms of self-expression in young adults are music and fashion. DJs are teamed up with fashion designers in a televised, live event...from which only one pair can emerge triumphant!